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Thank Our First Responders and Medical Personnel!

Our community has been one of the first in the nation to have the reality of the new social distancing in place. As a father and community member, it is an added stress to our lives. As a funeral director I know what to do and what is needed to care for every family. This work continues and I, my staff and our facilities are operating – and our hearts are open.

We are strong and I am seeing this today, more than ever in how our medical community and first responders are stepping up to help the most vulnerable of our population.

I’m proud of us and how we are leading the way for others who are just now experiencing this in their day to day life.

– Matthew Fiorillo, CFSP

Recent events have put our medical and emergency responders at the front lines of this pandemic. Let’s show our support for what they have done by saying “Thank You”! Comments will be shared online and we will ensure they get these, when events allow.

  • Note: For privacy only first name and last initial will be used.